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Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Rare Sighting, Indeed

Yes, I feel like I should be talking in my Steve Irwin Whisper Voice. "Ah, yes, there they are...rarely spotted in the wild... aren't they a beaut'?" I have been trying for a month, no lie, to get a picture of Farley's new toofies. It has been quite a challenge, as I refuse to hold her down and pry her mouth open with one hand and snap a picture with the other. But, finally-- success!!! Here's my journey:

She's telling me something, like "I want to chew on your camera strap, lady, not show you my teeth." Sounds like: "bah gah bah bah bah dah dah...pbbbbbttt"
Close... a big scream, as she loves to do, but blocked by the tongue

Showing off our impeccable table manners, but not our teeth!

Coming to "get" mama, but not quite a big enough smile...

But finally.... wheeeee! The extremely rare Farleyicus Dentalmus Chomperi (Latin name-- phyla, genus, species... or whatever order... it's been a long time since I took Biology as you can tell!)
So far, from what I can tell, she seems satisfied with these two and in no rush to sprout any more. No teething or buds, so I might not be posting pictures of her next ones for many many months! Good thing-- trying to get photographic evidence of these wore me out!!!

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