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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

She loves wearing her Mama's sunglasses (I moved to cheapies recently after a disturbing Farley/RayBan/asphalt incident)

I celebrated my first Mother's Day yesterday and now there's been such a high standard set, I don't know if it can ever be topped! I woke up to presents (a big surprise- go Jason and Farley!) on the kitchen table. They were sweet and thoughtful and perfect... those two really did a great job! Jason had intended to have me "not lift a finger" all day while he cleaned the house and did other duties, but a hurt shoulder from Saturday prevented that. It didn't matter, though. He still managed to get my car cleaned (awesome!) and then we went for sushi (my fave) and Yogurt Mountain (no, I had never been but it was everything I had hoped... and more!!!) We had such a wonderful day together! I think Mother's Day might be one of my favorite holidays now!

Much like almost everything else you learn as you grow up, one can't really appreciate some things until you do them yourself. Being a mom is one of those things, I guess. I mean, I always appreciated my mom (who is a fantastic mother and lady), grandmother, great-grandmother, and other mom-like figures, but when you have the opportunity to try it yourself... I mean, I think moms = superwomen!!! I never grasped how much it would change me, despite how much I was warned. It is a combination of the most exhausting (mentally and physically) and rewarding thing at the same time. I never knew I would love being a mom so much. Farley is the most precious and special gift I could ever receive... a mama's love for her baby (no matter the age, I'm sure) can't be put into words, so I won't even try. So, here's to the moms out there, the ones no longer with us, and those still waiting for their time.

By the by... best part of my Mother's Day of all??? Farley said "mama" to me. I know she babbled it once long ago, but quit and hadn't said it again until yesterday. And, then, once she started, wasn't stopping! Awesome! In the interest of full disclosure, though, she also called me "dada" a few times, too! I will pretend I didn't hear that!

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