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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some additional 9 month stuff...

We had Farley's 9-month pics made this weekend. It wasn't our most successful shoot to date, since she had just woken up from her nap. Most shots we ruled out because she looked half drunk! However, despite this shortcoming, I was somehow able to spend the most I have so far on her milestone shots! (I wonder about myself sometimes...) Here's some previews, though I will withhold the Easter dress shots so it will be a surprise...
No, I don't ever buy these "collage" shots, but they make them anyway, so I figured I could throw it on the blog...

Argh, those cheeks! I love to cover them with smooches!
In other GINORMOUS news, Farley said "mama" this morning! Actually, it was "mamamamama" and not directed at me whatsoever-- it was just babbling, but rocking nonetheless. Also, it seems that I will not be posting at her 10 month update that we still don't have any teeth. They are there, I can feel them coming through, but you can't really see them much yet. Just barely peeking through at the top. Two on the bottom! At the same time! When you can see them better, and in the off chance (which is one in ten million) that I can photograph them, I will. (Farley's teeth = Loch Ness monster) Funny thing was that now that they're coming, I told Jason that I'm secretly kind of sad since it's just another sign of how fast she's growing. I'm kind of attached to that gummy grin!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Awwww yeah!

Please excuse me while I wallow in my own rockin'-ness. I sent this pic last night to Jason and my mom and my subject line was seriously: "I am the craftiest crafter in history!" I'm sure this is no biggie, but I'm so proud of the onesies I did for Farley. This is gonna save some monogramming money fo' sho'. I might start doing these for gifts!
Farley wore the one on the right today with some green capris. She was the cutest little leprechaun!

Sorry for the picture made on the kitchen counter. Lovely shot, huh? And with my phone again! Yeesh- I guess I just use the camera for Farley!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Nothing but pics

Some random pics that have been hanging out on my camera for the last couple months...
I love books... they taste so good!

Dad is so fun!

I love to hang out with him!

Just crawlin' around
The fateful throw up, flood and peepee night (see: 8 month update)

Pooped with PawPaw

What's going on out there?

Just catching some rays...

Standing tall

Silly Daddy giving Farley static hair!

9 Months

I know I'm a couple of days late, but... drumroll... I have a working computer and now I can blog to my heart's content!!! Farley had her 9-month birthday Friday and on that momentous occasion, had her second spend-the-night with her grandparents. The first was just two weeks ago when Jason and I went to the Eric Clapton concert (awesomeness) and this weekend was because Jason was a groomsman in our friends' wedding in Sylacauga. Congrats Bill and Kim. Anywho, it was a long weekend and we were happy to hang out with her all day Sunday. She is a total mess these days and is always entertaining whomever will indulge her antics.

Things I want to remember about Farley at 9 months:
  • Talk, talk, talk, you're always talking- My word, this girl is definitely her father's daughter. Between the two of them, I don't know when I'll ever get a word in edgewise (though I'm sure I do my fair share of chatting). She looooves to talk as much as she can. She just babbles away at me, Jason, the cat, her toys...anything. She says tons of consonant sounds (all except ma-ma, of course) and loves to say "uh oh" and will also say "bye-bye" (more like bah-bah) some of the time. Usually a delayed reaction-- she'll say it once we leave the room or get in the car!
  • Stand in the place where you live- Now that she can pull up, she stands all the time. So, the routine goes: crawl really fast to a sturdy object; pull up on said object; babble while holding on to object; lather, rinse, repeat.
  • Food snob- Although she's gotten better about not yacking every time I try to feed her something other than her faves, she's still not so gung-ho about everything. The funniest thing about her eating habits is this: if someone is feeding her, the food has to be finely pureed. If she's eating finger foods, texture is okay. If you try to spoon feed her something with texture: OH I KNOW YOU DI-INT!!!
  • Hair we go- Finally (wootwoot) she's growing some hair. Enough to stick a bow in! Wheee. I put them on to send her to daycare and the other day they told me I didn't have to put them on (shah!) because she just pulled them out. That's when I replied that she needed to wear them so she could get used to them. How exactly is she supposed to be the best-dressed baby in school without the proper accoutrements?
  • Step one is admitting you have a problem- Well, this is more about me than Farley, but I want to report that I know that I have a problem, it's just that I've decided to embrace it. Yes, I know she has too many clothes. As I tell others... if I looked that cute in everything, I'd buy that many clothes for myself. But, since shoes are the only thing guaranteed not to make my butt look big, I just have a lot of those. Anyway... back to Farley's sitch... yes, she has lots of clothes. But I just can't stop. End of story. (Actually, epilogue to the story-- I'm also going to try designing and making her some tops with fabric transfers. Maybe if they're successful, I'll blog about them.)
  • Brusha brusha brusha- Heck to the no, we still don't have any teeth. (but we do brush our gums every night) I know I say this every month, but I really really think she'll bust out a tooth sometime soon. She is chewing everything and has started chewing her fingers, which she never did before. Plus, I think I feel a little bump on her gums. I'll probably be writing this same update next month...