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Monday, January 18, 2010

7 Months

Not too long after her actual "Seven Month Birthday." Farley is so hysterical now. She is such a card and entertains us all the time. Let me see if I can think of some stuff about her at this age I want to remember...

  • Good eater- She really has given us a really easy time on transitioning to solids. There's not one single thing we've tried (knock on wood) that she has just flat out refused. A few have taken some getting used to, but every veggie has gone just fine and she's getting to try all those yummy fruits now. Plus, we just started eating solids three times a day, so it seems like all we do is feed her all day long, between five bottles and three meals!

  • What a talker!- Farley finally started throwing in a consonant the other day to our delight. We've been getting all kinds of variations of "ahh" and "uhhh" for quite a while now and she busted out "bah bah" the other day and now she says it all the time. I think I may have heard a "gah" today, too!

  • Getting physical, physical (Olivia Newton John voice)- She wants to get around so badly. Still can't crawl, but she somehow wiggles herself across the floor. I mean, we're talking moving! Multiple feet at a time! Just on her belly! I can't imagine having to try to travel like that!

  • Tiny dancer- She loves things that play music and songs and she "dances" to the beat.

  • Applause!- She figured out how to clap this weekend and is so impressed with herself, she starts laughing when she claps!

  • Wiggle worm- She is going to be a crazy wiggle worm kid, I can tell. She will just about wear your lap skin off. She is constant motion-- bouncing, rocking, climbing, pulling, patting, reaching, etc.

Jason and I pinch ourselves sometimes because we can't believe how lucky we got to have such a wonderful and happy baby. She is a constant joy and how in the world has it been seven months already?

How cool?


Yes, just now Christmas. It feels like we're halfway to next Christmas already! Here's some pics. My Christmas pics with Jason's family, the Lewis family, and Christmas Eve and first thing Christmas morning and Santa were all on my old camera, and thus are still in limbo on the rehabilitating computer. These are all ones that I took Christmas day on my new camera. Farley got lots of great presents. So many that we have a rotation going on at the house... she never gets tired of them and we look like we're running an FAO Schwartz in our living room! Precious family picture
Farley and Kelsey

PawPaw's famous "picture-takin'" pose
Busted at the dessert table!

Farley and Uncle Alan

A Post!!!!

I am way too excited about this entry, as you can see. I have been trying (I promise!) to blog since Christmas and have had no luck. Shortly after Christmas (and right after I had downloaded all the pictures on my camera) our computer crashed! Not awesome. Seriously. Not. Awesome.

Anywho... Jason has been working diligently on it for a week or so now when he can find the time. I mean, like techie stuff that I could never do. I would just go buy a new one if not for his mad computer skillz. I think he's close to a total restore and luckily we had everything backed up on an external drive, so I don't think anything was lost. Whew.

Mom kept telling me to post from my phone, but seriously, I can't type more than sentence or so on that before I start to get irritated, so I still couldn't do a good post justice.

So, a week or so ago I decided to bring my new Christmas present (Nikon D5000 for those who know camera stuff) to download some pics and blog from work on my lunch break. Not so much... they blocked the blogger site! I was so perturbed! Well, lo and behold, I tried today just for fun and it worked! So, on with the posting...