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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Some random pics and stuff...

I know it's been a little while since I posted, so I wanted to catch up a bit. Not much big stuff going on in our world, other than Jason starting a new job (Go Jason!). Farley is just growing and learning by leaps and bounds. Between turning 3 months and now (like 3 months and almost 3 weeks), she has:
  • rolled over- Yep, only a couple of times because, as predicted, she ended up on her belly and hated it. So, once she figured out what happened, she hasn't done it again since. But she did do it, four times... I saw it myself!
  • laughed- It must be that Daddy magic. She will only smile at me, but she'll laugh at Jason. It usually takes him bouncing her on his belly and singing "Henry the Eighth" in a terrible English accent.
  • started playing in Exersaucer and Bumbo- She would sit in there for a couple of minutes before, but now she'll get in there and have some serious play time because of her next skill...
  • developing motor skills- She can actually get those hands of hers to start doing what she wants. I'm not saying that it's not a little spastic, but they're starting to cooperate a bit more.

Cute little grin

Super Daddy and Super Baby
Playing in the Bumbo
Farley loves flying!

Playing with her pal Mia

With Mom in her Game Day gear from Aunt Laura

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Better than a paci

Farley is getting some control over those crazy hands of hers and she's discovered that she can do something AWESOME with them!!! I know she's thinking "awwww yeah."

Monday, September 14, 2009

3 Month Old

Well, well... I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm a Mom of a three-month old! (A quarter-year old?) Farley had her quarter birthday Saturday and we had her pictures made. Now, I'll get to the part where I talk about how I can't believe it, but first I want to talk pictures.

Let me tell you what... I'm going to start calling Farley "Hollywood." We rolled up in JC Penney (yeah, that's where we had them done and they were great) like she was a child star and we were her entourage. Jason was her entertainment during the photo shoot, I was hair and makeup (well, just hair, really) and Mom was wardrobe! She did such a good job, though, and we really did get some good ones. It was much more relaxing than the newborn "scream fest" shoot-- for everyone except Jason. He was working up a sweat dancing and making goofy faces. Yes, the portrait studio is glass on one side and yes, the nice shoppers of JC Penney thought he needed to be committed. Here's a preview:

Now, on to the "I can't believe it" part. I never believed or anticipated how wonderful, tiring, special, hard, and did I mention wonderful it would be having Farley in our lives. It really is one of those things you can never understand until you do it yourself. I know billions upon billions of people have had babies, but it's like one of my favorite quotes:

"Every child begins the world again." - Henry David Thoreau

Farley has really gotten quite a personality. As Jason reminded me today when I was wondering why she had slept the whole night before last, but had gotten up at 4 this morning and stayed up... "she's her own person." And she really is! She has and continues to amaze me with every small thing she does or masters. Things about her at three months that I want to remember...

  • At first I thought she was going to be very serious with her furrowed brow all the time- now she's a pretty easy smiler and is trying really hard to laugh.
  • Farley's a morning person! This did not come from either of her parents, but if you spend a little time with her in the morning, you'll get enough smiles to last you the whole day.
  • It was cute when she learned to blow raspberries. The new trick, grunting... not so precious. Naturally, Jason encourages it every chance he gets!
  • She really, really, really wants to roll over. But, I don't know what going to happen once she gets there, since being on her tummy is like baby torture to Farley!
  • She really is an easy baby. When I was pregnant, I was worried I would get a crier or colicky baby, but she really cries very little. Any fusses can usually be remedied by being held and cuddled.
  • Holy smokes, baby girl clothes are cute and addictive. Granted, this child does probably have more than she can wear before she grows out of them, but I maintain that she is and will continue to be the cutest and best-dressed baby in daycare!
  • Last thing I'd want to remember... I guess that right now at this moment, all prejudice aside, she is the most beautiful and wonderful baby ever. I'm just sayin'...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Trip the Light Fantastic

Well, we got to bust out one of Farley's most anticipated onesies this morning. We got this great tie-dyed onesie from my parents' friends the Heimbachs. It was one of our earliest gifts and we have been waiting for her to grow into it!!! It's her "hippie baby" outfit and she was rocking it hard core this morning. Coolest baby in daycare, no doubt!

She is getting really fun here lately. What a personality! She'll have her three-month birthday this Saturday and will be having her pictures made to commemorate the occasion. Maybe she'll enjoy it this time... more than her newborn picture session!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Check these shoes!

Last post today- I promise! I just had to send the pic I took of her feet this morning... Her third week of daycare. These sandals-- they're too much! They were mine when I was a baby and Mom brought them over for Farley and, boy, did she rock them today!

Farley's First Lake Trip

This was a weekend of firsts for Farley... she sat in the Bumbo, her first football weekend (needless to say she was thrilled about that), and her first trip to the lake. I don't know how she felt about all the action, but she stayed awake more on Saturday and Sunday than she has her entire life. I wish I knew what she was thinking about. Probably wondering why we were hollering at the box with the colorful pictures and then why we all went and sat in front of that huge bathtub all day.

In her little sun hat. That thing looks tiny until you actually put it on her head! Oh well, maybe next year!

Hanging out with MeMaw at the lake.


Farley sat in her Bumbo for the first time on Saturday. She doesn't
last too long in there- she kinda starts wilting when she gets tired.
I just can't believe what a big girl she is! I want time to slow down!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

First Sick Day!

Wouldn't you know it? Last week was Farley's first week of daycare and she was sick by the weekend! Her first cold, and it was stressing me out... it's so pitiful to see her stopped up and coughing and not feeling well. So, luckily Mom was able to come to the rescue and keep her Monday. These are pics from their Cooie/Farley sick day party.

Other than that, she's adapting pretty well to daycare (and so is her Mommy!) after a rough start.