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Friday, May 7, 2010

Little Miss Independent

Here's a picture I took of Farley last night at dinnertime. She loves to feed herself with the spoon. She gets so excited when she rings her mouth! Probably because when she does, I'm cheering like a drunk Bama fan at a big game-- loud and almost falling off my seat! Haha! To be sure she actually receives adequate nutrition, we follow the pattern: mama feeds a bite, Farley feeds a bite, and so on. I do have to actually scoop the food, but then I just sit the spoon in the bowl and she takes it from there! But, Jason did tell me yesterday (and I quote), "Farley and I had to re-evaluate our confidence in her self-feeding ability after she missed her mouth and jammed bananas and oats into her eyeball." He said she resembled Popeye momentarily, but didn't cry and just looked at him like, "Daaaaddd. You're supposed to keep me from doing this." Oh well, she's getting there, I suppose!

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