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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

10 Months

Well, our little sweetpea turned 10 months old yesterday. Here she is with her mama this morning in a precious spring outfit. Slightly less precious when I discovered upon our arrival at daycare that she had sneezed and wiped green snot on her white cardigan. It's just what the outfit needed, really. So springy... (and p.s... at what point in my life prior to now did I think that I would find a "snotty-nosed kid" so dang cute??? Never before, but you never know, I guess...) No worries, though. One wipe later and we were back in business. By the way, baby wipes are awesome on so many levels-- they're like the paper towels of the gods. Will it be bad when I still carry them around when Farley is 20-something? Enough jabbering... on to the list!

At 10 months, Farley:

  • is still talking. A lot. She will just jabber away (see her mother's own admission above) and it's so cute. She loves to say "uh oh" and makes a point to drop (throw) things or knock them over just so she can say it.
  • wants to climb Mt. Kilamanjaro (sp?). Yep, I think I might have a climber. Bless her heart, though, she is a product of her parents so she's a little lacking in the leg department. So, whenever she pulls up on the object of the moment, she starts hiking a leg up. Luckily, she doesn't usually have enough leg to get up on whatever it is! Its only a matter of time, though.
  • is a music lover. She will sing and dance to any music playing. Maybe I should have put quote marks around the "sing" and "dance" part, but its so cute. The singing is more like some "ahhh-ing" and the dancing is mainly a bouncy pumping (that sounds so weird, but if you saw it, you'd be like "yeah... bouncy pumping... totally"). The only songs she knows the lyrics (ha!) is the song that Monty (her sockmonkey) sings, which is "ooh ooh, ahh ahh." She totally will sing that one. And then she grabs him, hugs him, and then wipes her nose on him. I think I may see a pattern emerging...
  • is so brave. When will we get to that phase where she is a bit more timid in the exploration department? Farley will travel anywhere she can get to via her favorite mode of transport (crawling) and does so without fear. Will she barrel down a hall towards a room where no one is that's pitch dark? Sure! She doesn't look back to make sure she has protection. See... Mt. Kilamanjaro... watch out, this baby is an explorer for sure!
  • is steppin'. Yep, she is practing her walking skills with Mom and Dad and is getting a little bit better at the whole "one foot in front of the other" action. Plus, she's cruising now, and can make progress around the coffee table. This is indicated by the tiny greasy finger prints that form a lovely border!
  • is right on track. This isn't the thrilling stuff, but what I'll need to remember when I start working--I know, the guilt is heavy-- on her baby book. At her 9-month appointment (which was after her 9-month post, so sorry for the late stats), she was in the 56th percentile for weight, but only 25th for height (leg-ularly challenged... welcome to my world, sister). She is wearing 9 to 12 month size clothes and size 3 diapers and shoes. She still eats mostly stage 2 foods on the spoon, but does a lot of finger foods and lurves wheat bread. (carb-ularly challenged... again, welcome to my world, Farley). She does well with water in her sippy cup. No juice because, well I guess because I'm the meaniest mom ever. (just practicing for later). She still doesn't feed herself her own bottle and is the only one in her class not to. This is what happens when you're the favorite and the teachers spoil you! But, a couple of times, she has picked it up of her own accord and drank the last little bit. Just DO NOT think you are going to make her do it!

That's all I can think of right this second, though each time I do one of these month updates I always think of something I forgot and try to remember it to go back and add it. Then I forget what it was. Ahhhh... Mom Brain. Potentially worse than pregnant brain. I think. I can't really remember. What was I saying?

ED: Hey hey hey! I remembered something. And then forgot it. And then remembered it again!!! So, here's my additional bullet point... Farley is:

  • sporting two teeth!!!! Ahhahhhahaha (maniacal laugh). I wrote on her 9-month that she probably still wouldn't have teeth but I eat my words! She has her two bottom teeth poking out. They're not all the way out, but they're coming! As predicted, I have not been able to capture them on film. (or file, as I guess we should say it these days) They are cute, though-- they are growing (groan) on me!

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