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Sunday, June 13, 2010

First Birthday!!!

Good morning Birthday Girl!

I'm ready to open my presents!!!

We just celebrated a wonderful first birthday with Farley yesterday. I am completely amazed that it has been a whole year since she came into our lives. She is so awesome and we've been saying it obnoxiously for months now, but one more time: she really is the best and most happy baby! Her party had been in the works for almost six months (seriously, I started planning after Christmas) and it turned out so great. We had so many family and friends help us celebrate and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Farley partied through a couple of meals and her naptime and was still sweet and entertaining as always.
I know I haven't blogged in a while (life has been a little crazy this past month), so I want to record some things I'd like to remember about her at 12 months! (still blows my mind to think it).

  • I'm talking, yes indeed: Farley is beginning to get more verbal. She still makes a lot of nonsense words, but she says "mama (yes!!!), dada, uh-oh, thank you (tank ooh), wow." Plus, she understands a ton more, and will react to: ball (get the ball), kitty cat(clicks her tongue to call him), night-night (lays her head down), bye-bye (waves), and a bunch more I can't list!
  • I walk it out: Well, no, she's not really walking yet, but is getting close. She can stand on her own for a couple of seconds and has taken one step, but I can tell she's ready to figure it out. We're working with her and practicing lots!
  • Sleepy girl: She does a pretty good job sleeping at night. She goes 10 1/2 to 11 hours and usually does pretty well barring some gassy incidents or teething. She is down to one nap a day, usually 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
  • Big smile!: She does loooove to give these huge grins now. It is so funny... she scrunches up her nose and smiles so big! She still only has her two bottom teeth but is starting to cut one of her top teeth.
  • Real food: Since she moved into the Infant 4 class, she has been doing solids mostly. A few weeks ago she decided no more baby food!!! So, she does mostly finger foods now-- a lot of fruit (watermelon is her favorite), some veggies, cheerios, Gerber Graduates meals, cheese, goldfish, pasta, bread, and a bunch of other things.
  • Lovey-dovey: Farley is still super sweet and cuddly. She loves to love on you! She gives the very best hugs and will just pat you on the back. She has started giving kisses (very slobbery!). And, she has started giving love to her animals, too. You can tell her to "give it love" and she'll pick it up and hug it to her chest. So cute!
  • On the other end of the spectrum: Farley is also the class bully! Her teacher confirmed this the other day when I dropped her off in the morning and she went to one of the boys, smacked him in the head, and took his toy! All of the boys in her class are scared of her! We have been trying to teach "be sweet" by patting gently instead of smacking. We'll see how that goes!
  • Wiggly worm: I think this is the stage where we begin to talk about how much energy she has and wish we had a fraction. When she's awake, Farley is never not busy! She will seriously wear your skin off if you try to contain the action.

I'm sure there's lots more things I'll think of, so I'll come back and add as necessary. We are still trying to recover from yesterday's festivities and there are toys galore to be sorted and put away and a destroyed house to prove it! Thank you Farley for making our lives so wonderful this past year and we can't wait for all the many more to come!

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